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As a full mechanical company, we excel in tackling complex projects that require collaboration from various trades- including pipe fitters, welders, plumbers, HVAC technicians and insulators.

By having all these trades in-house, we offer several advantages- streamlined project management, efficient collaboration, enhanced quality control, flexibility, improved customer experience, cost efficiency and long-term expertise development.

Our in-house capabilities ensure better project outcomes and deliver an exceptional experience to our customers.

Projects That Shaped JRT.



Hilton Hotel and Convention Center

This was JRT’s first large hotel project that included hydronic & welded piping. 225 units with an accompanying convention center. The project also included a very large storm piping system, with 12 inch cast iron. This was the one of the first major hospitality facilities in downtown Vancouver.


Benson Tower

This was a 27 story facility was JRT’s largest (and tallest) project at the time. This was a high profile project located in downtown Portland, Oregon. The project consisted of plumbing and hydronics. It is 128 unit facility. JRT completed this project in 2006.


Reser’s Fine Foods

With the Reser’s Fine Foods project, JRT stepped into the food manufacturing industry gaining experience and knowledge in working with food grade piping.


West Point Treatment Plant

Located in King County, is a crucial facility responsible for wastewater treatment and environmental protection. Serving as one of the largest, advanced treatment plants in the Pacific Northwest. Scope involved biogas compressor equipment + filters, instrumentation, exhaust heat exchangers & coordinating mechanical work.


Green River Filtration Plant

JRT’s first major project into the industrial and process piping market. Green River is a major water filtration facility service the City of Tacoma.


Whidbey Island Air Force Base

Building P-251A was the construction of a new Operational Training Facility located at the AFB at Whidbey Island. While a full mechanical project, it was JRT’s first very large HVAC installation


Amazon Distribution Center

Project Piper was JRT’s introduction into large warehouse projects. This was a full mechanical installation of a 4 million square foot distribution facility. It was also when JRT began using helicopters to fly rooftops units from the ground to set on curbs on the building roof.


VPS: McGloughlin ES + Marshall MS

This was JRT’s introduction to the MCCM format of construction. While not new to schools, this full mechanical installation was a new construction process that allowed JRT to have significant input into the design, schedule and installation.

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